Media exposure, self and fashion clothing involvement of Chinese young people: analyses of effect models

  • Yanshu Sun

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This study develops a complicated analysis model to explore more understanding for fashion communication in Confucian culture background, especially for the latest Chinese fashion. The current study examines theoretical connections between media exposure, some psychological and social variables and fashion clothing involvement in Chinese society within a predictive framework. To better understand the relations between these psychological factors, social norms and fashion clothing involvement, this study also explores several effect models, such as moderation effect, mediation effect and mediated moderation effect. Two studies were conducted using both quantitative and qualitative methods. In the first study, the author collected data through a random sampling survey. To cross-validate the survey findings, a second study adopting the method of group interviews was conducted. Results indicate that fashion clothing involvement is a function of exposing to the media, achievement lifestyle, perception of success, peer influence, cognitive dissonance reduction, and comparing with others. The results also indicate the complicated relations, such as, lifestyle factor moderates the tie between media exposure and fashion clothing involvement; social comparison processes mediates the relationship between media exposure and fashion clothing involvement; self-discrepancy also influences the relationship as a moderator; notably, social comparison mediates the moderation effect from self-discrepancy. Individuals with high levels of self-discrepancy experience more negative emotion from comparing to thin-ideal image in fashion media than those with low levels. Another finding is that traditional media, particularly magazines, are as strong in explanatory power as new media (e.g. website) in the model of fashion communication. Theoretical implications of this study provide an advance in understanding the mechanisms underlying internalization and the use of social norms, furthermore, develop the knowledge of self related theories.

Date of Award1 Jun 2013
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSteve Z S GUO (Supervisor)

User-Defined Keywords

  • China
  • Fashion
  • Psychological aspects
  • Social aspects
  • Social conditions
  • Youth

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