A study on Hong Kong celebrities' interviews: how they achieve cohesion and coherence in their answers and the ideological differences between male and female celebrities

  • Wanjun Chi

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This paper focuses on investigating how the Hong Kong celebrities achieve cohesion and coherence in their oral interviews and the ideological differences between male and female. In order to explore these celebrities' text structure and cohesive ties, I examine their discourse grammar and the usage of cohesive devices. To further understand how these celebrities achieve coherence, I focus on how they relate their texts to the context and make them meaningful to the listener. With the use of discourse analysis, I also attempt to identify the ideologies these celebrities have by analysing their interviews, and highlight the ideological differences between male and female. This paper discusses the various strategies in which the celebrities employ in order to achieve cohesion and coherence. They make their texts cohesive by adopting different cohesive devices. They have different ways to make their texts coherent. One can examine the meaning of a text by analysing the speech he or she makes. One can also understand his or her ideologies by looking at how he or she structures sentences.本論文研究香港的名人在他們的采訪中如何做到語義連貫及順暢,並研究男性與女性在采訪中思維方式的差別。本文通過研究名人們的語篇語法和他們如何使用銜接手段來探討他們的語篇結構和句子銜接方法。為了研究香港名人如何做到語義流暢,本文分析這些香港名人如何聯系上下文使聽眾理解他們的意思。本文借助語篇分析,通過研究名人的采訪來明確他們的思維方式,並突出男性與女性思維方式的差別。本研究探討了名人為了實現語義連貫與順暢而使用的多種方法,他們使用不同的銜接手段來實現語義連貫,他們也有不用的方法使語盲流暢、易懂。透過分析壹個人的語篇,可以研究他或她話語的涵義。透過分析壹個人話語中的句子結構,可以去理解他或她的思維方式。
Date of Award1 Nov 2016
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWing Kin Vinton Poon (Supervisor)

User-Defined Keywords

  • Celebrities
  • China
  • Cohesion (Linguistics)
  • Discourse analysis
  • Gender
  • Hong Kong
  • Interviews
  • Language and languages
  • Sex differences

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