What the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us about becoming a teacher: Lessons for Post-pandemic Realities

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In this conceptual chapter, the authors argue that the pandemic has highlighted the need for beginning teachers who understand the personal and contextual factors associated with ‘being’ a teacher and are ready for their roles as caretakers. The chapter presents the lived realities of the two authors (teacher educators in Hong Kong) before and during the pandemic giving rationale for a re-orientation of initial teacher education (ITE). The authors propose that, to help prepare teachers with the attributes to ‘be’ a teacher, ITE programmes need to be reorientated and structured around three interrelated pedagogical priorities: (1) pedagogy of care (and self-care), (2) pedagogy of autonomy and partnership, and (3) pedagogy of reflective practice. The authors suggest that a focus on these pedagogies is even more important when beginning teachers could be teaching in increasingly diverse, rapidly changing, complex, and digitally infused environments. Practical suggestions on how teacher educators can orientate their teaching around these priorities are provided.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTeachers and Teaching Post-COVID
Subtitle of host publicationSeizing Opportunities for Change
EditorsKaty Marsh-Davies, Cathy Burnett
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Publication statusPublished - 23 Nov 2023

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