Virtual Lab: SeeD Project Exhibition (China)

Roberto ALONSO TRILLO (Artist), Poliks Marek (Artist), Shen Shaomin (Artist), Siegfried Zielinski (Artist), Ma Quan (Artist), Li Zhenhua (Artist), Liu Xiaodu (Artist), Zhang Zenzeng (Artist), CryptoZR (Artist), Black Void (Artist), Chen Weibo (Artist), Lin Cun (Artist), Iris Qu Xiaoyu (Artist), Li Qijing (Artist), Tobias Klein (Artist), Cheng Xingyu (Artist), Liu Xiang (Artist), Yu Tongzhou (Artist), Xu Yibo (Artist), Xia Mingyang (Artist)Ding Shiwei (Artist), Inkang Lee (Artist), Petja Ivanonva (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


The first season of the “SeeD" On-Site series is themed as " Vtrtual Lab", exploring the multidimensional impact of digital technology on the "real" world. The thematic exhibitions and activities will focus on exploring the potential for interactive experiences between digital creativity and urban spaces, the perceptual expansion enabled by virtualization, the revitalizing force of traditional material culture, and a reevaluation and contemplation of the life-environment system.

The exhibition provides four sets of keywords as clues: # Emotional Connection & Human-Machine Symbiosis, # Material Culture & Virtual Value, # Data Security & Digital Faith, # Embodied Perception & Life Imagination, serving as contrasting paths for some kind of observation between the "real" and the "virtual." This is an exploration without fixed rules and predetermined outcomes, ranging from future Mars to algorithmic climates, from the memories of digital beings to the faint murmurs of embryos, from electronic light to the depths of the soul. The virtual butterfly follows every step, and reality is dreamlike.

In the context of the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence technology in 2023, the humans of the real world and the digital simulations of the virtual network suddenly seem to have come face to face, and they have begun to carefully observe the distance and impact between each other. Faced with the first question of the “SeeD“, the exhibition has invited 22 groups of young artists from both domestic and international backgrounds. They explore the boundless terrain of digital technology with unique perspectives, responding to their views and imaginations of a world where the physical and the virtual are intertwined. "We," who are not yet fully cyborgs, extend our sensory care, value creation, social cognition, bodily memory, and other human attributes as antennae in this dance with the spirit of the digital. We question, perceive, reflect, return, and collide with the "real" in this experiment
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSeeD Pilot Project / Longcheng Creativity Comune
Media of outputOther
Publication statusPublished - 22 Oct 2023

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  • Visual Arts and Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Artificial Intelligence


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