Validation of electronic activity monitor devices during treadmill walking

Ka Man Tam*, Siu Yin Cheung

*Corresponding author for this work

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Introduction: The purpose of this study was to assess the validity of the step count measurement of commercial electronic activity monitor devices. Two popular models, Fitbit Charge HR and Mi Band 2, were selected for treadmill walking in a single session. Materials and Methods: Thirty healthy volunteers walked at five predetermined speeds (0.90, 1.12, 1.33, 1.54, and 1.78 m/s) on a treadmill with both Fitbit Charge HR and Mi Band 2 worn on their dominant hand's wrist. Observers counted the steps, with the aid of taped video, which was taken as the criterion measure for steps. The validity of the electronic activity devices was assessed by (1) Paired sample t test with the criterion measures and (2) Pearson's correlation coefficients and the corresponding p-values were calculated to compare the output of devices with manual step count. In addition, Bland-Altman plots were constructed to visually inspect the data and to assess agreement with the criterion measures. Results: There were no significant differences in step measurement between Fitbit Charge HR and Mi Band 2 with the criterion measures. Besides, there was a very strong agreement between step count measurements obtained using the Fitbit Charge HR (r = 0.99) and the Mi Band 2 (r = 0.99), at five predetermined speeds while comparing with the observed step counts. Conclusion: Both Fitbit Charge HR and Mi Band 2 provided accurate step count measurement in the treadmill walking test.

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JournalTelemedicine and e-Health
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Publication statusPublished - Oct 2018

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