Use of environmental teaching kits in Hong Kong

Kara Chan*

*Corresponding author for this work

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A systematic postal survey of 449 schools in Hong Kong (including kindergartens, primary and secondary schools) was conducted to investigate the use of environmental education teaching kits and to obtain feedback from teachers about the view and comments in using these kits. Results indicated that kindergartens used teaching kits more frequently than secondary and primary schools. Most of the schools found the existing teaching kits helpful. Appropriate content, updated information, attractiveness to students and inclusion of a teachers' guide were considered important criteria in deciding the use of the teaching kits. Good illustrations, quality production and appropriate duration for the class were considered important factors too. The tight teaching schedule was the major hindrance for secondary and primary schools in the use of the environmental teaching kits. However, the main hindrance for using environmental teaching kits in kindergartens was that they did not have sufficient copies. Hong Kong schools would like to see new teaching kits about waste recycling, energy conservation, green behaviour, air pollution, noise pollution, sewage treatment and wildlife endangering, focusing on Hong Kong and China.

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