Three Dialectical Phases in Feng Youlan’s Philosophical Journey


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Based on a Hegelian conception of “modern consciousness” that the young Feng Youlan had read about while writing his PhD dissertation at Columbia University in the years from 1920 to 1923, this essay provides a new account of Feng’s lengthy philosophical career as one of a modern/post-traditional “professional philosopher.” On this basis, his life and works are discussed along three dialectically related phases within his professional philosophical career, These are described as the “Early Feng” (1920–1949), the “Marxist Feng” (1950–1978), and the “Later Feng” (1979–1990). In the conclusion, seven ironies within and about Feng’s life and works are addressed that reveal the “unsettledness” and “restlessness” of Feng’s modern consciousness as a very notable twentieth century professional philosopher.

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