The Growth of Small Independent Record Companies in Hong Kong since the New Millennium: Charmaine Fong as a Case Study

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The Cantopop market has shrunk since the new millennium – its status has been replaced by Mandapop and K-pop. Owing to the decline of the market, international music companies and local big labels became increasingly conservative by mainly publishing the traditionally more popular karaoke songs. Such tactic, however, caused Cantopop to become more homogeneous, and thus accelerated the decline. In the meantime, the popularisation of music production equipment contributed to the growth of small independent record companies, which are willing to experiment with different musical genres. Under such circumstance, the industry saw a growth in these small companies and their growing significance in the market.

Being one of her producers, the speaker will discuss Charmaine Fong, who started her singing career in Hong Kong under a big local label. Publishing several mainstream karaoke-style romance ballads, Charmaine did not receive much attention. Her career only began to develop after signing a new contract with a small and newly established company in 2010. Strawberry Fields, with only two investors and Charmaine as its only artist, not only promoted alternative genres, but also encouraged her to compose and write all her melodies and lyrics. Thanks to the changing taste of the audience and her unique timber, Charmaine's songs were acclaimed in the market. Her songs now frequently enjoy a top place in the local music charts, and Charmaine began receiving annual awards presented by various media. This paper highlights the significance of small record companies and their artists in the contribution of a new Cantopop sound.


Conference第六届亚洲流行音乐研究会议 = The 6th Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Conference, 6 IAPMS 2018
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