Statistical methods for environmental and agricultural sciences, second edition


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    The first edition of this book, popular around the world, is surpassed only by this new Second Edition. Improvements such as new and revised exercises, a broad range of practical and relevant case studies, and expanded theoretical concepts make this even better for users of statistics. The book emphasizes the practical application of statistics and provides examples in various fields of environmental and agriculture sciences. Because it uses simple, non-mathematical language to present statistical techniques, the reader requires only a familiarity with elementary algebra and mathematical notations to understand and apply the concepts described. This logically organized book covers the following topics: Part 1 introduces statistical concepts as they apply to different fields of environmental and agriculture sciences and provides descriptive measures of central tendency and variability; Part 2 covers probability and sampling concepts used in inferential statistics; Part 3 presents parametric methods in hypothesis testing, which include research designs; Part 4 discusses a number of nonparametric techniques; Part 5 explains tests of association and prediction; and lastly, analysis of change over time is detailed in Part 6. The appendices contain statistical tables for reference purposes.

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