Specimens of the Globe: Generative Sculpture in the Age of the Anthropocene (Abstract)

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Specimens of the Globe is a generative art project that converts statistical data collected from the Internet into three dimensional sculptural objects through a generative procedure and digital fabrication. Referring to a traditional casting method, which ironically results in replicas slightly different from each other, I aim to redesign a replica-making system that creates constant differences out of the same original version. I 1) collect the statistical data about current global issues, including war,violence, poverty, terrorism, famine and the environment, from wikis or the intelligence agencies on the Internet (e.g. Wikipedia and the CIA’s World Factbook); 2) relate this data to a list of key cities; and 3) digitally fabricate geometric shapes that point to the cities on a virtual globe; in order to 4) physically reproduce the data with semi-transparent material. The outcomes of the system generated from the original, a 30cm diameter plastic globe, are crystal-like abstract pieces of sculpture in various geometrical shapes and colors. By crystallizing the issues that we do not insist on knowing about or which are otherwise overlooked, this research-based,interdisciplinary project aims to redefine the concept of “sculpture” under the influence of the post-internet environment and to question the societal role of art in response to the age of Anthropocene.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media (ISCMA)
EditorsRichard William Allen, Olli Tapio Leino
Place of PublicationHong Kong
PublisherInternational Symposium on Computational Media (ISCMA)
Number of pages1
ISBN (Print)9789624424218
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2019
EventArt Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art 2019 - City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Duration: 4 Jan 20197 Jan 2019
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SymposiumArt Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art 2019
Abbreviated titleISCMA 2019
Country/TerritoryHong Kong
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