Ruthenium porphyrins with axial π-conjugated arylamide and arylimide ligands

Siu Man Law, Daqing Chen, Sharon Lai Fung Chan, Xiangguo Guan, Wai Man Tsui, Jie Sheng Huang, Nianyong ZHU, Chi Ming Che*

*Corresponding author for this work

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A series of ruthenium porphyrins [RuIV(por)(NHY)2] and [RuVI(por)(NY)2] bearing axially coordinated π-conjugated arylamide and arylimide ligands, respectively, have been synthesized. The crystal structures of [RuIV(tmp)(NHY)2] (tmp=5,10,15,20-tetramesitylporphyrinato(2-)) with Y=4-methoxy-biphenyl-4-yl (Ar-Ar-p-OMe), 4-chloro-biphenyl-4-yl (Ar-Ar-p-Cl), and 9,9-dibutyl-fluoren-2-yl (Ar^Ar) show axial Ru-N(arylamide) distances of 1.978(4), 1.971(6), and 1.985(13) Å, respectively. [RuIV(tmp)(NH{Ar^Ar})2] is an example of metalloporphyrins that bind an arylamide ligand featuring a co-planar biphenyl unit. The [RuIV(por)(NHY)2] complexes show a quasi-reversible reduction couple or irreversible reduction wave attributed to RuIV→RuIII with Epc from -1.06 to -1.40 V versus Cp2Fe+/0 and an irreversible oxidation wave with Epa from -0.04 to 0.19 V versus Cp 2Fe+/0. Reaction of the [RuIV(por)(NHY) 2] with bromine afforded [RuIV(por)(NHY)Br]. PhI(OAc) 2 oxidation of the [RuIV(por)(NHY)2] gave [RuVI(por)(NY)2]; the latter can be prepared from reaction of [RuII(por)(CO)] with aryl azides N3Y. The crystal structure of [RuVI(tmp)(N{Ar-Ar-p-OMe})2] features Ru-N(arylimide) distances of 1.824(5) and 1.829(5) Å. Alkene aziridination and C-H amination catalyzed by "[RuII(tmp)(CO)]+π-conjugated aryl azides", or mediated by [RuVI(por)(NY)2] with Y=biphenyl-4-yl (Ar-Ar) and Ar-Ar-p-Cl, gave aziridines and amines in moderate yields. The electronic structure of [RuVI(por)(NY)2] was examined by DFT calculations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)11035-11047
Number of pages13
JournalChemistry - A European Journal
Issue number35
Publication statusPublished - 25 Aug 2014

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