Reactivity of coordinated Ph2P(C5H5). Preparation of M(CO)6-n[Ph2P(C5H4Tl)]n complexes (M = Cr, Mo; n = 1, 2)

Rick W K WONG*, Fu Wa LEE

*Corresponding author for this work

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The interaction of C7H8Cr(CO)4 with two equivalents of Ph2P(C5H5) in hexane at 0°C gives trans-Cr(CO)4[Ph2P(C5H5)]2 (I) in high yield (80%). In CDCl3 at 30°C, I isomerizes to cis-Cr(CO)4(Ph2PC10H10PPh2) (II) quantitatively. Compound II can also be prepared in high yield (85%) by the interaction of trans-Cr(CO)4(Ph2PCl)2 with two equivalents of TI(C5H5) in refluxing toluene. Treatment of M(CO)6 (M = Cr, Mo) with one equivalent of trimethylamine N-oxide in THF followed by the addition of one equivalent of Ph2P(C5H4Tl) affords M(CO)5[Ph2P(C5H4Tl)] (III, M = Cr; IV, M = Mo) and M(CO)4 [Ph2P(C5H4Tl)]2 (V, M = Cr; VI, M = Mo). M(CO)4[Ph2P(C5H4Tl)]2 adopts a trans- and a cis-configuration for chromium and molybdenum, respectively. The M(CO)4[Ph2P(C5H4Tl)]2 complex can also be prepared conveniently either by the interaction of C7H8]M(CO)4 with two equivalents of Ph2P(C5H4Tl) or by the interaction of M(CO)4[Ph2P(C5H5)]2 with two equivalents of Tl(OEt) in THF.

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Publication statusPublished - 1992

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