Password Guessing Based on GAN with Gumbel-Softmax

Tao Zhou, Hao Tian Wu*, Hui Lu, Peiming Xu, Yiu Ming Cheung

*Corresponding author for this work

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Password guessing is an important issue in user security and privacy protection. Using generative adversarial network (GAN) to guess passwords is a new strategy emerging in recent years, which exploits the discriminator's evaluation of passwords to guide the update of the generator so that password guessing sets can be produced. However, the sampling process of discrete data from a categorical distribution is not differentiable so that backpropagation does not work well. In this paper, we propose a novel password guessing model named G-Pass, which consists of two main components. The first is a new network structure, which modifies the generator from the convolutional neural network (CNN) to long short-term memory- (LSTM-) based network and employs multiple convolutional layers in the discriminator to provide more informative signals for generator updating. The second is Gumbel-Softmax with temperature control for training GAN on passwords. Experimental results show the proposed G-Pass outperforms PassGAN in password quality and cracking rate. Moreover, by dynamically adjusting one parameter during the training process, a trade-off between sample diversity and quality can be achieved with our proposed model.

Original languageEnglish
Article number5670629
Number of pages12
JournalSecurity and Communication Networks
Publication statusPublished - 27 Apr 2022

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