Overreaction in the Hong Kong stock market

Alexander K W FUNG*

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    Overreaction reported in the equity markets of the United States, Spain, and Brazil is also observed in the Hong Kong stock market. The "loser" portfolios of the 33 stocks in the Hang Seng Index (HSI), on average, outperform the "winner" portfolios by 9.9% 1 year after the formation periods. Besides its emphasis on the importance of the Hong Kong market in international investment, this paper is unique in some special features related to the overreaction study. Hong Kong has markets for index futures and stock futures. Only three stocks are used in the portfolios. All the stocks in the HSI have large market capitalization and liquidity and can be shorted with no up-tick rule. Unlike other studies in international stock markets, the "arbitrage" portfolio of buying the loser portfolio and shorting the winner portfolio can actually be formed with minimum cost and easy execution, which makes the overreaction phenomena in this study very powerful.

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