Novel ophthalmic timolol meleate liposomal-hydrogel and its improved local glaucomatous therapeutic effect in vivo

Hui-Hui Zhang*, Qiu-Hua Luo, Zhijun Yang, Wei-San Pan, Shu-Fang Nie

*Corresponding author for this work

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To overcome the limitations of common eye drops, the study developed a novel timolol mealate (TM) liposomal-hydrogel to enhance drug permeability and prolong residence time in the precorneal region, which achieved more effective local glaucomatous therapeutic effect. Firstly, TM liposome was prepared by an ammonium sulfate gradient-pH regulation method, which its entrapment efficiency reached up to 94% and its averaged particle size is 187nm with narrow distribution. The corneal permeability through isolated rabbit cornea was measured by modified Franz-type diffusion cells. The results of trans-corneal penetration exhibited that the apparent permeability coefficients (Papp) and the flow rates of steady state (Jss) of TM liposome was 1.50-fold higher than that of the commercialized eye drop, while TM liposome with 0.02% transcutol P was 2.19 times. In order to increase the retention time and improve the stability of liposome, we further developed a TM liposomal-hydrogel formulation by adding 1.0% HPMC K4M in TM liposome. The results showed an stability during a 120 days storage period than TM liposome. Precorneal retention study in vivo indicated that the optimal liposomal-hydrogel formulation had improved bioavailability and its retention time on rabbit corneal surface were significantly longer than that of pure liposomes or eye-drops. No obvious irritations to rabbit eyes were observed by histopathology microscopy after 7 days exposure.. Comparing to the eye drops, the TM liposomal-gel displayed prolonged therapeutic effect in cornea and greatly lowered the intraocular pressure IOP on the eyes of normal and glaucomatous pigmented rabbits.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)502-510
Number of pages9
JournalDrug Delivery
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2011

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  • Pharmaceutical Science

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  • ammonium sulfate gradient- pH regulation
  • glaucoma
  • liposomal-hydrogel
  • liposome
  • ocular delivery
  • timolol mealate


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