Translated title of the contribution: Temperature programmed decomposition of NO over Er2O3/Bi2O3 catalysts

张伟德, 李基涛, 古萍英, 万惠霖, 区泽棠

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The face centered cubic(fcc) phases of n (Er2O3)/ n (Bi2O3)=5%~40%, molar fraction) which is an oxygen ion conductor were prepared. The decomposition of NO over these Er2O3/Bi2O3 catalysts was examined by means of temperature programmed surface reaction. The results showed that the surface adsorbed NO decomposed to N2 and O2 at ca. 600 ℃. The plot of NO conversion and Er composition showed that there was an optimum decomposition rate at ca. 23% (molar fraction). Comparing to the data of conductivity, one can conclude that the rate of NO decomposition increases with the increase in the number of oxygen vacancies. This has been contributed to the similar electronic structure between O2 and NO.

Translated title of the contributionTemperature programmed decomposition of NO over Er2O3/Bi2O3 catalysts
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)961-963
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Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jun 1998

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  • NO, Er2O3/Bi2O3催化剂
  • 程序升温表面分解
  • NO, Er2O3/Bi2O3 catalyst
  • Temperature programmed surface decomposition


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