Migration, Resilience, Joy: Spatial practices, Objects and Rituals

Evelyn Kwok, Justyna Kabbala*

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to conferenceConference abstractpeer-review


Migrant communities organise through practising and sharing knowledge, through a constant flux of social exchange around art, craft, dance, food, music, and sport activities. A counter reaction to conditions of precarity and temporary existence through sharing skills, symbols, and objects, the informal educational practices in public space serve as a tool for placemaking, care and collective action. Art becomes a collective experience, a common ground, a bridge for connecting between communities, building resilience and in turn creating new traditions. This presentation will discuss practice-based approaches to community building in the context of space-making and collaborative filmmaking. Framing storytelling around migration as a form for resistance through sharing perspectives, traversing spaces, places, borders, and time zones - a practice which is inherently spatial.


CompetitionArt Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference 2023
CityGold Coast
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