Ink Suchness-Ease 自如

Sunny Wang (Other)

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Curated by Jens PFEIFER, Tai XIAO, Selena YANG, exhibition REBORN is a special exchange exhibition in the 2022 UN International Year of Glass. It showcases works from 24 Dutch and international contemporay glass artists from ROG (Rays of Glass) International Art Project. UN International Year of Glass is the year to celebrate the important role that glass has played and will continue to play in society from technical, scientific, economic and cultural perspectives.

The purpose of the exhibition Reborn is to explore the rebirth of the ancient material glass, which has undergone thousands of years of artistic inheritance, along with the development of modern technology, and interacts with emerging new media, which is endowed with new power of tradition and artistic innovation possibility.

The exhibition will be in 3 phases between April and July 2022. It shows the achievements and directions of glass art education around the world and the influence of culture and tradition on the way an artist perceives and works. Glass is both an ancient material and a brand-new material. The natural form of light, transparency, refraction, reflection, etc., are all unique characters of glass material, which have incomparable advantages over other materials, giving artists a steady stream of inspiration. In this exhibition, we can see the different creativity of artists from all over the world, showing the unique spirit of glass. This is an exhibition without borders, and it also tries to explore the diversified development direction of glass art in the future.

Werkspoor International Art Center is an art space that integrates exhibition, research, documentation functions. The art space shows top standard international contemporary art in the exhibition space and public areas. The art space explores the great collaboration potential and dynamic synergy in European-Asian art creation. The Werkspoor International Art Center is located in Utrecht West the historical heritage factory area, which used to be the Netherlands train manufacturing base and now turned into creative and new economy park.

Opening Time is Wednesday to Saturday 11:00 – 18:00 (Free entry. Online reservation is necessary through

Location: Nijverheidsweg 27P, 3534AM Utrecht

Artists of Exhibition Reborn: Joost BICKER CAARTEN, Simsa CHO, Anna GRAY, Mieke GROOT, Bernard HEESEN, Tomas HILLEBRAND, Krista ISRAEL, Zhenning LI, Xiaoshu LUO, Xiaosheng MA, Katrin MAURER, Richard MEITNER, Barbara NANNING, Jens PFEIFER, Judith ROUX, Jehoshua ROZENMAN, Nataliya VLADYCHKO, Jenny WALSH, Sunny WANG, Yuhong WANG, Hao WU, Shiqi WU, Tai XIAO, Jia ZHUANG
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationUtrecht, the Netherlands
PublisherThe Werkspoor International Art Center
Publication statusPublished - 2 Apr 2022


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