HKPORI releases trust and confidence indicators (2023-11-30)

Translated title of the contribution: 香港民研發放信任及信心指標

Kenneth K L Chan, Wai-Ho Yam (Contributor)

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    HKPORI successfully interviewed 1,004 Hong Kong residents by a random telephone survey conducted by real interviewers in November. Our survey shows that people’s net trust in the SAR Government is positive 21 percentage points, representing a 11-percentage-point rise from 3 months ago, yet the change is within the margins of error. Meanwhile, the mean score is 3.2, which has significantly improved compared to 3 months ago. Besides, net confidence in the future of Hong Kong stands at positive 12 percentage points, which shows an increase of 7 percentage points compared to 3 months ago but still within the margins of error. The effective response rate of the survey is 51.4%. The maximum sampling error of percentages is +/-4%, that of net values is +/-9% and that of ratings is +/-0.1 at 95% confidence level.

    香港民研於十一月由真實訪問員以隨機抽樣電話訪問方式成功訪問了 1,004 名香港居民。 調查顯示,特區政府的信任淨值為正 21 個百分點,較三個月前上升 11 個百分點,但變化並未 超出抽樣誤差,而平均量值為 3.2 分,比三個月前明顯改善。另外,市民對香港前途的最新信 心淨值為正 12 個百分點,較三個月前上升 7 個百分點,但變化亦未超出抽樣誤差。 調查的實效回應比率為 51.4%。在 95%置信水平下,調查的百分比誤差不超過+/-4%,淨值誤 差不超過+/-9%,評分誤差不超過+/-0.1。
    Translated title of the contribution香港民研發放信任及信心指標
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    PublisherHong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute
    Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2023

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