Gender portrayal in Hong Kong children's television advertising

Kara Chan, Helen Yick

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This study examined gender-role portrayal in commercials broadcast in children programs in Hong Kong. Content analysis of a sample of 137 children commercials indicated that overall speaking, Hong Kong children commercials were less gender stereotyped than U.S. in terms of sex composition, frequencies of female and male central characters and activities of central characters. However, voice-overs were male-dominated even for products targeting both boys and girls. Gender stereotypes mainly occurred in gender-typed products (mainly toys and character toys). Commercials for male gender-typed products more often used male characters only or no human characters. Commercials for female gender-typed products often used female characters only and indoor settings. Aggressive behaviors were rarely seen, and were performed by boys only.


WorkshopWorkshop on Advertising Culture in Asia, An Interdisciplinary Workshop Sponsored by The Transnational China Project, Rice University and and
The Center for the Study of Globalization and Cultures,
University of Hong Kong



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