Free Consumerism and the Erotic Flow from the United States to Mainland China

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The invention of the Internet gave birth to “free consumerism,” signifying the transformation of consumerism from the paid and the hierarchic. The development of the Internet intensifies the global flow of free eroticism. Since the free services of Google, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Wikipedia, and many other apps have corresponding services in mainland China, such as Baidu, Weibo, Youku, WeChat, and Baidu Baike, the transplantation of networking techniques potentially exports the erotic ideology on the media of the United States to another superpower with opposite ideological claims. This research paper attempts to start a theoretical discussion concerning the online spread of free consumerism and criticizes and warns about the potential damage of corporeal ideology thus caused.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)114-121
Number of pages8
JournalChina-US Journal of Humanities
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2020

User-Defined Keywords

  • Free consumerism
  • erotic ideology
  • capitalism
  • Internet


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