Four Lie algebras associated with R6 and their applications

Yufeng Zhang*, Hon Wah TAM

*Corresponding author for this work

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The first part in the paper reads that a three-dimensional Lie algebra is first introduced, whose corresponding loop algebra is constructed, for which isospectral problems are established. By employing zero curvature equations, a modified Kaup-Newell (mKN) soliton hierarchy of evolution equations is obtained. The corresponding hereditary operator and Hamiltonian structure are worked out, respectively. Then two types of enlarging semisimple Lie algebras isomorphic to the linear space R6 are followed to construct, one of them is a complex Lie algebra. Their corresponding loop algebras are also given so that two types of new isospectral problems are introduced to generate two kinds of integrable couplings of the above mKN hierarchy. The hereditary operators, Hamiltonian structures of the hierarchies are produced again, respectively. The exact computing formulas of the constant γ appearing in the trace identity and the variational identity are derived under the semisimple algebras. The second part of this paper is devoted to constructing two kinds of Lie algebras by using product of complex vectors, which are also isomorphic to the linear space R6. Then we make use of the corresponding loop algebras to produce two integrable hierarchies along with bi-Hamiltonian structures. From various aspects, we give some ways for constructing Lie algebras which have extensive applications in generating integrable Hamiltonian systems.

Original languageEnglish
Article number093514
JournalJournal of Mathematical Physics
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2010

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  • Statistical and Nonlinear Physics
  • Mathematical Physics


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