Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning through a Digital Video Archive: A Case Study in Hong Kong (Abstract)

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In times of uncertainties where virtual learning has become prominent, it is essential to make learning resources available for students to explore through digital means. This study, situated in a public university in Hong Kong, focuses on curating a digital video archive featuring exemplary student works to facilitate peer-to-peer learning. Fifty high-achieving students majoring in communication were invited to share about their learning experiences and the processes of creating different class projects in camera interviews. These interviews were then turned into 30 short peer-learning videos, edited by students before uploading onto the digital archive. The archive was promoted to more than 200 students via mass email, in-class promotions, and the school webpage during the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. Peers can access the digital archive for seeking inspiration and guidance anytime and anywhere using personal computers, tablets, and/or mobile phones.

To explore how students use the digital archive to engage in active learning and construct their own knowledge, three focus group interviews were conducted involving 15 student representatives coming from different school years and concentrations. Rsults revealed that the digital archive has a positive impact on students' learning by offering an accessible, self-paced learning opportunity for them to understand course materials at home. This is particularly useful during the add/drop period when students want to learn more about the course before enrolment. Moreover, the advice from students and work samples shared in the videos provide a grounded perspective for peers to learn about the instuctors' expectations. The high-archieving students also benefitted from the video project as it provides a good opportunity for them to consolidate the knowledge gained and reflect on their learning experiences. Many of them claimed that sharing their challenges and accomplishments in front of the camera bolsters their enthusiasm for learning.

This innovative digital video archive project offers a valuable resource for enhancing peer-to-peer learning and promoting student engagement across diverse academic backgrounds. By incorporating student feedback, the archive can continue to evolve and provide an effective and accessible tool for teaching and learning. Future studies should explore the use of the digital archive in benefitting the learning outcomes of students.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2023
Event18th eLearning Forum Asia, eLFA 2023: Digital Futures of Work and Learning: Forging the Way Ahead - Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore
Duration: 30 Nov 20231 Dec 2023
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