Cultural Differences as Assets: Enhancing Intercultural Competence of Pre-service Teachers

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Providing inclusive education to ethnic minority students is fundamental to educational equity. Teachers should develop intercultural attitudes and behaviours to appreciate learner diversity (Armstrong, Armstrong, and Spandagou, 2011) and be aware of their own prejudice and bias. Yet local Chinese teachers largely lack training on intercultural competence, which may lead to reluctance to teach or inappropriate treatment of ethnic minority students (HKCSS, 2013).

This project aims:
1.To promote sensitivity and positive attitudes of pre-service teachers towards students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds
2.To improve the capacities of pre-service teachers to adopt and adjust different
teaching approaches to meet the learning needs of students from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds
3.To advocate for intercultural competence as an essential professional skill of teachers
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 13 Nov 2020
EventOnline Internationalisation: Meeting the Challenge of Student Mobility in a Global Pandemic - Online
Duration: 13 Nov 202013 Nov 2020


ConferenceOnline Internationalisation
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