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This concluding chapter’s functions are fourfold. First, the main characteristics of each specific policy area discussed in Chapters 3–8, namely elite sport, national-provincial relation, professional and commercial sport and the sports industry, the hosting of sports mega events, mass sport and sport for all and sport in Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions of China are summarised and highlighted. Second, each area is compared to delineate a holistic sports scene in China and its dynamic changes with specific attention directed to the relative significance of and the interplay between these sport policy areas in Mainland and Hong Kong and Macau, and the evolution or the trajectory of the development of both traditional and non-traditional areas. However, as recognised and stressed by the central government, these areas are by no means discrete or conflictual. Instead, they are interrelated, interwoven and more importantly can be mutually supportive to underpin the integrated development of sport in China. Third, the usefulness and applicability of various policy theories, frameworks and notions to each sport area and the entire sports scene in China including in the two SARs are explored for theoretical advancement in relation to elite sport policy studies. In brief, all the selected theories and theses have demonstrated reasonable value in analysing sport policy in China, despite the necessity of some adaptations and the integration of various policy perspectives. Last, the practical and theoretical contributions of this book are summarised, premised on which some suggestions for future research are provided.
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