Aspartame optical biosensor with bienzyme-immobilized eggshell membrane and oxygen-sensitive optode membrane

Dan Xiao, Martin M F CHOI*

*Corresponding author for this work

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An aspartame optical biosensor has been fabricated by employing a bienzyme system composed of α-chymotrypsin and alcohol oxidase immobilized onto an eggshell membrane and an oxygen-sensitive optode membrane as the transducer. The detection schemes involve the enzymatic reactions of aspartame leading to the depletion of the oxygen level of the medium with a concomitant enhancement of the fluorescence intensity of the oxygen-sensitive membrane. The scanning electron and transmission electron micrographs show the microstructure of the eggshell membrane which is successfully immobilized with bienzyme. Using this novel immobilization technique, the aspartame biosensor shows extremely good stability with a shelf life of at least 8 months. The rate change of the fluorescence intensity in 4 min is found to be linearly related to the concentration of aspartame. The useful analytical working range of the biosensor is from 0.056 to 3.07 mM aspartame. The effects of temperature, pH, and ionic strength on the response of the aspartame biosensor are investigated in detail. Citric acid, cyclamic acid, D-fructose, D-galactose, D-glucose, hydrogen peroxide, DL-malic acid, L-phenylalanine, saccharin, sodium benzoate, and sucrose show no interferences but ethanol interferes strongly. The aspartame biosensor has been applied to determine aspartame contents in some commercial products.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)863-870
Number of pages8
JournalAnalytical Chemistry
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 15 Feb 2002

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