Application of problem-based learning for "Physical Education and Recreation Management" courses

Bik Chu Chow, Eva H L Tsai, Lobo H T Louie

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    The purpose of this project was to implement a“Problem-based Learning (PBL)” approach for three undergraduate major courses of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in “Physical Education and Recreation Management” programme, with a view to improving students’ learning outcomes. For each course, one-third of the class time was allocated to PBL. Students worked on problems as group projects and, under guidance, gathered further information which they used to solve the problems. Then they presented their resolutions in class. One important goal of this project is to conduct formative and summative evaluations of the applications of PBL for the courses, to produce a VCD to illustrate the steps for PBL, to show samples of class presentations as well as video records of students' reactions to PBL. The production and the contents of the VCD are not included in this report.

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationStudies on Teaching and Learning
    EditorsAtara Sivan
    Place of PublicationHong Kong
    PublisherHong Kong Baptist University Quality Assurance Committee
    Number of pages10
    ISBN (Print)9789881810519
    Publication statusPublished - 2008

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    • Problem-based learning
    • physical education
    • recreation management


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