Application of online questionnaires in grammar teaching

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The consciousness-raising approach to grammar teaching aims to provide opportunities for students to identify some grammatical components through noticing activities and then make their own hypotheses about those components. This chapter proposes the application of the WebCT questionnaire to develop outside-class activities through which students are able to test and refine their hypotheses in order to internalize the grammar rules. It was found that students were more motivated and participated in the activities of testing and refining their hypotheses than in the past. Besides, students were exposed to more interlanguage samples that might have helped them refine their hypotheses. It is hoped that this chapter gives teachers better understanding of the needs of Chinese university students in grammar learning and offers them some innovative and effective teaching ideas in grammar teaching.

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Title of host publicationHandbook of Research on Computer-Enhanced Language Acquisition and Learning
EditorsFelicia Zhang, Beth Barber
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Publication statusPublished - Feb 2008

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