A pilot study on physical activity related injury (PARI) in primary school children in Hong Kong = 香港小学生体能活动伤害发生的初探

Yang Gao, Yuk Ming Lo, Yanping Duan, Kai Lok Lee

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Objectives:  This pilot study aimed to preliminarily examine incidence rate of and risk factors for physical activity related injury (PARI) in a convenience sample of primary school children in Hong Kong. Methods: Two self-administered questionnaires were used to collect information of children’s socio-demographic characteristics, physical activity (PA), and PARI in the past 12 months. A PARI was defined as any injury resulting from participation in PE class, sports activities or leisure time PA. Body weight status was defined based on objectively measured height and weight. Chi-square test was performed to test between-group differences in PARI to identify possible risk factors. P<0.10 was adopted to define the significance level given the pilot nature. Results: A total of 40 students (21 boys, 19 girls) aged 10-11 years participated into the study. The person- and episode-based incidence rates of PARI in the past 12 months were 32.4% and 50.0%, respectively. Most PARIs did not result in serious consequences. Ball games seemed to have the highest potential for PARI. Children having older fathers (aged 40 years or above), living in primate housing, from relatively affluent families (monthly family income > HK$20,000), and being physically inactive showed significantly higher incidence rates than their counterparts. Conclusions: PARI seems to be prevalent in primary school children of Hong Kong. Actions should be taken to prevent children from PARI. Future research in a large-scaled random sample should be conducted to confirm the primary observations.目的:本研究旨在初步探讨香港地区小学生体能活动伤害的发生和相关危险因素, 为将来进行较大规模的研究提供线索和依据。方法:用统一问卷收集小学生的社会人口学资料、体能活动水平和过去12个月体能活动伤害的发生情况。体能活动伤害被定义为任何在参加体能活动时发生的伤害。学生的体重状态根据实际测量的身高和体重来定义。卡方检验用来检验体能活动伤害发生的组间差异。鉴于本次研究属于初探性质, 采用P<0.10作为显著性检验的标准。结果:本研究共调查40人, 其中男21人, 女19人, 年龄10~11岁。在过去12个月内, 体能活动伤害人次发生率和事件发生率分别是32.4%和50.0%。多数的体能活动伤害并没有造成严重后果。从事球类运动可能最容易导致体能活动伤害的发生。父亲年龄较大(40岁或以上)、居住在私人住宅、相对富裕的家庭(家庭月收入大于20000港币)、以及体能不活跃的儿童体能活动伤害的发生率较高。结论:本研究初步认为香港小学生的体能活动伤害的发生可能比较普遍, 有必要采取适当措施降低香港小学生体能活动伤害的发生率。本研究结果有待较大样本的研究予以证实。

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)19-25
Number of pages7
JournalInjury Medicine
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 17 Nov 2014

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  • Physical activity related injury (PAR!)
  • Physical activity
  • Child
  • Socio-demographic characteristics
  • Cross-sectional study
  • 体能活动伤害
  • 体能活动
  • 儿童
  • 社会人口学特征
  • 横断面研究


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