Yinheritance? Cultural Celebrations for Ethnic Minority Children's Well-being 彝童識彝:傳承文化火炬,促進少數民族兒童健康發展

  • LAI, Angel H Y (PI)
  • Chan, Channey (CoI)

Project: Digital scholarship project

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Project co-developed with the University Library.

‘YInheritance’= Embracing and Understanding Yi Cultural Heritage is the title of this digital scholarship project. It is, first, about Yi children’s ethnic and cultural heritage; then, more critical questions follow: Why ethnic and cultural inheritance? What is its effect on the positive developmental well-being of Yi children? Why should we care?

This website highlights the importance of ethnic and cultural awareness in minority children by showcasing the story of Yi children in rural Chinese school settings. In 2006, an education programme for Yi children in rural China was commenced. Fu Hui Education Foundation (Fu Hui), an international philanthropic organisation serving ethnic minority children in rural regions around the world, in collaboration with the local government of the Sichuan Liangshan Prefecture, initiated the programme and the two organisers have been overseeing the education program since then. Information shared on this website are the longitudinal information obtained from Yi children in rural China schools since 2007. We hope that the findings will help Fu Hui’s ministry and the local government by shedding some light on the mechanism of improving not only Yi children’s but other ethnic minority children’s developmental well-being.
Effective start/end date1/09/1730/11/18


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