Virtual Teaching and Learning for Interpreter Training and Beyond

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In this project, we will further explore ways to teach interpreting virtually beyond what we have experimented in our classrooms at the start of the pandemic. We will continue to test the use of existing and emerging platforms and technologies for remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) and computer-assisted interpreting (CAI), as well as virtual platforms for providing feedback on student performance. We anticipate a more enriched student learning experience in learning the complicated interpreting skills and the acquisition of career-ready skills for students to enter the interpreting or language-related job markets. We plan to disseminate our results through the following channels: a symposium on using technology in interpreting and language education, a training of trainer workshop on using interpreting technologies, a handbook on the best practices and solutions for training and assessing interpreting skills. As interpreting is a performance-based oral skill, the pedagogy we develop can potentially be applied to the teaching and learning of other oral and performance-based language skills.
Effective start/end date1/07/21 β†’ 30/06/23


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