Understanding Users' Deep Engagement and Deviant Behaviors in the Metaverse through the Sociotechnical Perspective: A Mixed-Methods Research Approach

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The project is to understand and identify the unique mechanism explaining in-depth use and deviant use in the Metaverse. In particular, the project aims to investigate the nature and formation of deviant behaviors in the Metaverse and identify technology-based prevention strategies. The project adopts mixed methods research approach by combining the technical and the social perspectives to give a holistic explanation of the synergistic mechanisms of user behaviors in the Metaverse. The project first develops a set of typologies of deviant behaviors; and explain deviant behaviors in the Metaverse and empirically tests the technology-based design for preventing deviant behaviors in the Metaverse. Guidelines and suggestions to stakeholders of the Metaverse for designing an engaging and healthy virtual space for their users will be provided based on the findings of our project.
Effective start/end date1/01/231/12/26