Triptychs: A Study of Massive Replication and Phasing in Music Composition

  • COLEMAN, Christopher B (PI)

Project: Research project

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This proposal is a project that involves the creation of a series of musical works, arranged in groups of three, developing a single compositional concept. Each triptych of pieces will consist of one work for either a single acoustic instrument or a small group of acoustic instruments, a second piece for fixed media based on digital manipulations of the first work, and a final piece that is based on further manipulations of the previous two works and combines pre-recorded sound with the live acoustic instrument(s) featured in the first. The specific research component of the project involves overcoming problems of acoustic masking and other digital artifacts that arise from the particular compositional process employed, as well as solving aesthetic issues to create aesthetically significant works.

Innovations in the creating of this series involve the development of compositional techniques with the goals of a) creating multi-functioning material that will stand alone (in the first piece of each triptych) and at the same time yield useful material when digitally manipulated via replication and phase-shifting; b) developing new formal structures within the individual pieces, within the triptych of works, and among the collection as a whole; c) developing new methods of digital manipulations with which to control the original material.

The outcome will consist of a) a body of new compositional techniques, b) a portfolio of new compositions, and c) 'products' in the form of public concerts, a radio broadcast and recording of these new works. PI is an established composer with over thirty years of experience;PI has composed numerous compositions for acoustic and electronic media, and has several pieces commercially published or recorded.

Please note that the GRF has "no restriction on the type of research proposals" and that a project like this one, incorporating creative work and not limited to traditional research, is specifically considered fundable by the RGC as affirmed by the RGC's secretary Kesson Lee.
Effective start/end date1/11/1231/10/16


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