Transforming CSR: Creating shared value, trust and perceived CEO quality in the US, Germany and China

  • 陳怡如, Regina Y R (PI)
  • Hung-Baesecke, Chun-Ju Flora (CoI)
  • Ben , Boyd (CoI)
  • Stacks, Don W. (CoI)
  • Zerfass, Angsar (CoI)
  • Bowen, Shannon (CoI)

Project: Research project

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Since 2011, the concept of creating shared values (CVS) has attracted much attention as a long-term, strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach. This approach, however, has limited empirical examination. The study investigated the effect of CSV on public trust in business and the chief executive officer (CEO) characters and competencies for effective CSV using an online experiment targeting the general population in the US, Germany and China.
Effective start/end date1/05/163/11/17


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