The Gaps between Journalism Education and Practice in the Digital Age: A Hong Kong Study

  • DU, Ying Roselyn (PI)

Project: Research project

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In the past two decades, the evolution of new media technologies has resulted in the rapid development of online journalism, which requires journalists to have a wider variety of skills and newsrooms to be restructured in order to integrate multi-media. Accordingly, journalism programs around the world have started to provide online journalism courses or trainings. While it has long been recognized that there exists a gap between journalism education and practice, this gap may have become even wider in this era of new media. As the industry undergoes revolutionary changes, it is important for journalism education to catch up with the demands of the industry.

Hong Kong has a well developed media industry due to its open society and press freedom. It is home to many Asia's biggest media players. Journalism education is popular in Hong Kong. Among the eight UGC (University Grants Committee of Hong Kong) funded institutions, four provide journalism or related programs for bachelor’s and higher degrees. The purpose of this project is to investigate the current status of online journalism education and practice in Hong Kong. Three surveys on the level of skills, perception of concepts and duties for online newsrooms will be conducted among working online journalists, exiting college seniors, and journalism instructors in Hong Kong respectively. The survey data will be analyzed quantitatively and the gap between online journalism education and practice will be identified and studied.

The findings of this project will help journalism educators and students better understand the current status and demands of online journalism in Hong Kong. It will provide an important reference for the journalism programs in Hong Kong’s universities to improve or reform the curricula in order to catch up with the evolution of new media. Moreover, it will facilitate the communication among journalism instructors, students, and professionals towards a common goal of ensuring competitiveness of the media industry of Hong Kong.
Effective start/end date1/01/1231/12/13


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