Prevention and Intervention for Cannabis-abuse Youth: Screening Test and Integrated Cognitive-behavioral Intervention

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"This is a capacity building project aiming at training social workers and counsellors to acquire knowledge and skills in delivering prevention and intervention services for at-risk young cannabis abusers. It adopts an integrated cognitive-behavioural approach (ICBT). Workers will be equipped with knowledge of cannabis abuse, myths of cannabis, and current available treatments for this group of young abusers.

In order to identity potential cannabis abusers, our team will develop a screening tool for use by the workers. Topics include refusal skills, stress and emotional management skills, interpersonal relationship skills, problem-solving skills and understanding self and developing a meaning life. Workers will be also trained to use the ICBT approach to provide individual counselling for young cannabis abusers who are at high risk of and are already abusing cannabis. Our project team will provide supervision for the workers to help them apply ICBT competently. "
Effective start/end date1/11/2231/10/24


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