Preparedness of caregiving for older family members in South Asian communities in Hong Kong

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    With the population ageing, more older adults will rely on family members. Considering the physical and mental vulnerability of some aging people, sudden caregiving needs may arise, which will cause significant disruption and stress on the lives of the younger family members. Previous research indicates the significance of preparing family caregivers in advance, for the wellbeing of both the caregivers and their older family members.
    As one of the largest groups of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, attention to the need for support of South Asian family caregivers has been limited. Like the people of other Asian regions, South Asians value filial obligation, which makes them inclined to provide family care to older family members. Yet as ethnic minorities, racial discrimination, language barriers, and financial constraints are the multiple challenges they face as caregivers. Instead of waiting till one has become a family caregiver, this research on “potential” caregivers is a going upstream approach to identify what is needed to better enhance future caregivers’ readiness and capacity for addressing the caregiving needs of the older family members, thus preventing overwhelming of the primary care system.
    This study is guided by the Theory of Planned Behavior and will examine the predictors of preparedness of South Asian potential caregivers in Hong Kong. Data collection will involve qualitative narrative interviews with 45 South Asian adults, 45 Chinese older adults, and 15 service providers serving South Asian communities and community leaders, capturing their perspectives about the preparation and support required by the potential South Asian caregivers. A quantitative questionnaire survey will also be conducted with 390 South Asian adults (including Indians, Pakistanis, and Nepalese) and 390 local Chinese adults aged 35 years and older, who have at least one older family member aged 55 years old and residing in Hong Kong to examine the level of preparedness of these potential caregivers.
    The findings will identify the challenges that potential South Asian caregivers face in Hong Kong if they are to provide care to their aging family members in the future. It will contribute to the development of intervention for preparing and supporting ethnic minorities in family caregiving. By clarifying the disparities in factors associated with preparedness among South Asian and Chinese potential caregivers, this study will also lay the groundwork for future research studies with broader ethnic minority communities in Hong Kong and other culturally diverse communities worldwide.
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