Nuturing Global-minded Changemakers Project

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The Nurturing Global-minded Changemakers (NGC) is a project that aims to provide social entrepreneurship education and training to students from different levels, social entrepreneurs, and academia. The project will run for three years and seven months and has three strategic objectives. Firstly, the project aims to cultivate university students' intellectual capacity for social entrepreneurship through relevant courses. This will help bridge the gap between business and social entrepreneurship theory and actual practice at the undergraduate level. Secondly, the NGC project aims to transfer social entrepreneurship and marketing knowledge to university and secondary school students, local and international social entrepreneurs, and academia through a "train-the-trainers" initiative and global field study. Lastly, the project aims to foster the growth of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem through case research. The NGC project is the first structured educational project with elements of social innovation, capacity building, network development, and entrepreneurial marketing case research. The NGC project seeks to integrate knowledge from business and entrepreneurship and instill a social entrepreneurship spirit among university students, secondary school students, and the social entrepreneurship community.
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/07/24


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