MetaMaps Workshop and Performance Series

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The MetaMap workshops will build a team of Hong Kong dancers, musicians, digital graphics artists, choreographers and technicians to develop new collaborative techniques. These workshops will result in a performance series that will tour prestigious venues across Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe and Australia, building capacity in collaboration, cultural exchange, and technological innovation. MBow designs technological solutions around accessibility and innovation. By multimodal mapping, we refer to the design of data translation processes between different domains, where one type of data is extracted and mapped, through a series of aesthetically- driven mathematical parameters, to a different creative output, say, a dancer’s gesture to the sound oscillation of a musical synthesiser or the movement of a virtual avatar. The MetaMaps program will combine the latest technology in signal processing and real-time 3D engines with sensor technology developed here in Hong Kong to build networks of local and international artists engaged in new creative, technological, and cultural innovation. We will work with artists and creative technologists to create unique multimodal mappings that reflect a diverse range of practices, providing a unique value proposition for audiences to experience the exchange of technology and artistic expertise on a global scale. These workshops will result in a series of innovative and engaging performances that will allow audiences to see how technological augmentations can allow artists to communicate directly across highly diverse disciplines. Our workshop-to-performance approach will build creative capacity across our organisation, from cementing connections with international collaborators such as the Australia Council for the Arts and the Museo Reina Sofia and building new audiences across creative disciplines and genres, from art, to dance and the Metaverse.
Effective start/end date1/11/231/11/25


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