Materialism Among Children and Adolescents in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore

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How we see materialistic goods and possessions affect many of our life decisions, such as choice of career paths, or selection of a life partner. Hong Kong is a consumer society. Many people, including children and youth, are exposed to tremendous amounts of advertising and marketing messages. These messages encourage them to consume, to buy the latest models, or even to spend beyond their means. Irresponsible consumption causes debt problems. Survey results in the past show that endorsement of materialistic values has negative effects on our psychological well-being.

What factors may make children and adolescents adopt materialistic values? In the past 15 years, we conducted 14 studies on the topic in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macao (Macau), and Singapore. Different research methodologies were used, including surveys and autovideography. The website shares the data, the research instruments, the drawings, and the interviewing transcripts of these studies. It also provides a visualization of the results in an online platform. It helps educators, parents, and researchers to develop models, test hypothesis, and conduct cross cultural analysis.
Effective start/end date1/02/1723/11/17


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