Made in Hong Kong: Conversation with musicians about Creativity and Technological development

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Part of the research deliverables of a GRF project from the RGC of Hong Kong entitled "Made in Hong Kong - Technology and Cantopop Creativity in the 2000s". Prof. Helan Yang (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Edmond Tsang (Co-Investigator) have conducted in-depth interviews with twenty local creative practitioners assuming different roles in the creative process of Cantopop production and who are representative of their domains, including four songwriters, two lyricists, two sound-engineers, eleven arrangers and producers, and a CEO of a renowned local record label. The project aims to answer the following three research questions: 1) How have technological developments impacted on local creative practitioners’ song writing, arranging, and production? 2) What are local creative practitioners’ views on the relationship between creativity and technology? 3) How do local creative practitioners project Cantopop’s trajectory despite the genre’s downturn in the past two decades? This study aims to break new ground in the ethnographical study of technological and Cantopop development.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/23


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