Institutionalization of a case management model for community care services in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is facing the challenges of population ageing. Along with this is a serious gap between the supply of long-term care services and their demand. In response, the case management model has been recommended as a new service delivery mode for community care services in Hong Kong. The literature on case management has been critically reviewed, and it is found that most of the studies focus on evaluating the outcomes of case management, and only a few have examined the process. In Hong Kong, none of the research on case management has focused on the social welfare sector. To address this knowledge gap, the study will conduct a process evaluation of case management in community care services, utilizing a qualitative research approach. The goal of this research is to obtain evidence that will allow policymakers to understand how case management will be effective, how to institutionalize such a system, and what particular forms of case management would be recommendable.
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/23


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