Information Literacy Exhibition and Fact-checking Workshop by HKBU Fact Check

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Given the extensive practice and research efforts dedicated to combating misinformation over the years, this project aims to establish a central hub for hosting larger groups, conducting training sessions, and offering an accessible venue for visitors to engage with the valuable work done by HKBU Fact Check. The primary objective is to enhance media literacy and promote information awareness among a wider audience, with a specific focus on secondary school students who will benefit from interactive learning experiences on information literacy. More specifically, the project will feature two exhibitions, complemented by interactive workshops, designed to encourage the practice of fact-checking and ultimately improve students' abilities to navigate both traditional news media and social platforms. Throughout the project, the efficacy of these exhibitions and workshops will be rigorously evaluated to guide future initiatives aimed at promoting literacy, not just in Hong Kong but globally.
Effective start/end date1/03/2428/02/25


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