Genomic Insights into Environmental Adaptation and Diversity of Deep-sea Siboglinidae

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This CRF project will leverage this unparalleled genomic dataset to answer several long-standing questions about the phylogeny and evolution of Annelida, with a focus on Siboglinidae:

To provide an improved phylogenomic framework of Annelida, and determine the phylogenetic placement and drivers of evolution of Siboglinidae.
To reveal the genomic footprints in the four major lineages of Siboglinidae.
To reveal how siboglinids coordinate metabolism with symbionts to meet their nutritional needs, and how different lineages of siboglinids evolved to exploit different chemosynthetic environments.
To construct a comprehensive genomic database of Annelida with a user-friendly interface.
Effective start/end date1/06/2331/05/26


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