GCAP3166 Financial Planning: A Pre-emptive Measure to Various Social Issues

Project: Teaching project

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This project offers enrolled students a chance to learn through practical experiences that combine student-staff partnerships with community service. Students will gain a deeper understanding of finance and financial planning by developing financial plans for financially vulnerable communities. This project is an effective approach to foster personal and
professional growth as it will help students to better comprehend the financial challenges faced by vulnerable groups, cultivate empathy and civic engagement by working directly with communities and social organizations, and develop problem-solving skills by designing financial

Apart from the modest stipend, student partners will benefit from having an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they gained from the university in helping those who are in need.

Finally, by partnering with students and giving them critical
responsibilities, I can focus more on helping enrolled students achieve the course learning outcomes.
Effective start/end date1/09/2330/06/24


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