"Future Cinema Systems: Next-Generation Art Technologies"

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The objective of Future Cinema Systems (FCS) is to use the latest technologies to create a prototype allowing users to virtually experience history, culture, and entertainment from anywhere in the world, in immersive, interactive images, while being interconnected. FCS will deliver three integrated technological innovations: 1) visualization engine; 2) coevolutionary narrative engine; and 3) human computer interaction engine, and leverage novel experiences of moving image archives, heritage places and performances. The interactive innovations will be powered by AI, computer vision, deep learning, visual analytics, virtual reality, interactive narrative, and emergent and generative aesthetics. The results can be exploited to provide innovative ways of satisfying demand for sophisticated content, narrative enrichment, and intense global interest in digital entertainment. FCS gives Hong Kong the opportunity to kick-start the foundation for a new industry that will have global impact.
Effective start/end date1/11/2231/10/24


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