Foreseen Property Agency

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Research exhibition Foreseen Property Agency led by Pat Wong (Flyingpig) and Kachi Chan is curated as an immersive experience of a futuristic property agency presenting 3D scan documentation and creative interpretation of the existing traditional shops in Hong Kong, as well as their speculation on how urban heritage could be preserved and passed on to the future generations in a collective way. The team has started documentation of the local traditional small businesses through sketches and records since 2016. With the new 3D point cloud technology, the spatial intricacies of the local shops are further archived and interpreted in the exhibition narrative to explore a future communal practice of community conservation. An improvisation performance will be presented tomorrow September 15th Friday 6-8pm at the exhibition venue to show their creative approach to local heritage conservation.
Effective start/end date30/03/2330/09/23


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