Exploring the effect of framing health-relevant climate change on memory recall, attitude towards climate change, pro-environmental behaviours, and psychological well-being

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Climate change is a pressing global public health issue. This research focuses on how climate change communication impacts young adults who are crucial in addressing future climaterelated health challenges. The study will examine the effective methods to convey climate change information, aiming to enhance knowledge retention, encourage pro-environmental behavior, and assess its effects on mental health. A sample of 1,000 young Chinese adults will participate in a cross-sectional, longitudinal study, divided into four groups. Each group will read different sets of 10 health-related news excerpts from reputable sources like the BBC, followed by questionnaires on the content and its impacts. The groups will vary in their exposure to positively-framed articles on climate action's health benefits, negatively-framed articles highlighting health risks from unmitigated climate change, a mix of both, and a control group reading non-climate related health articles. Data on climate change knowledge, attitudes, behavior, hope, and mental health will be collected before and after the intervention, with follow-up surveys at one week and one month later to assess information retention and longterm effects on mental health and well-being. This study aims to shed light on effective communication strategies about climate change and its public health implications for young adults.
Effective start/end date6/11/2314/01/25


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