E-Learning Platform of Chinese Art History and 3D Paintings 中國藝術歷史+3D古畫電子教學平台

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We aim at creating an e-learning platform housing 3D models of early Chinese paintings and use it to present to students in about 35 elementary and primary schools a special issue in Chinese art history – dynamic mobile viewpoints method and perspective method, in order to nurture students’ interest in learning Chinese history and cultivate an ability in appreciating arts. We hope to prepare them for the future mixed mode of teaching and learning and the new artistic and cultural atmosphere in Hong Kong.

We propose to transform five early Chinese paintings into freely rotatable 3D models and create 3D database of the paintings. The first function of these tasks is to create an off-line individual learning platform, and the second function is to build an online Augmented Reality APP learning platform. With these two platforms we will design teaching materials and modules for students of high, elementary, and primary schools. Integrating the art historical materials with the e-learning platform, we will send teachers to schools to conduct mixed mode teaching.
Effective start/end date1/09/2331/08/26


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