Cross-border Fresh Fruits Production and Trade networks of Chinese Firms in ASEAN in the Context of “One Belt One Road” Initiatives (一帶一路背景下中國企業在東盟國家的跨境水果生產和貿易網絡研究)

  • 楊春, Chun (PI)
  • Thi Hong Van, Ha (CoI)
  • TAKANASHI, Fumie (CoI)

Project: Research project

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Drawing on the Global Production Networks (GPN) 2.0 theory, this project intends to develop a China market-oriented cross-border fruit production and trade network-based analysis framework. The project will examine the path evolution and dynamic mechanism of Chinese enterprises' participation in ASEAN fruit production, land-border trade and further distribution of imported fresh fruits into the Chinese market. The project contributes to the existing theoretical framework and empirical literature on global fruit production and trade which has mainly focused on the research of Western multinational companies and wholesale and retail networks dominated by the developed economies' markets. It will provide timely and tailored policy suggestions for Chinese enterprises in engaging in the globalization and regional production networks in the changing dynamics of globalization, as well as economic cooperation between China and ASEAN in the context of One Belt One Road initiatives.
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/24


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